Smartstage provides all types of products for the business lecture and theater industry. Among our products are a dramatic comfortable selection of award-winning seating designs employing the latest in adjusted comfort technology.

A popular product includes our stand-alone and fold-out seats matching in color and texture to your permanent seating; stage risers which include our fastfold superior setup design and supporting riser equipment and accessories, draping and theatrical panels which are fully flame-proofed and rated for your local fire regulations.

Working with theater performers, artistic set designers and technical staff means knowing the requirements they demand; like solid products that perform in accordance with professionals designated requirements, and understanding and providing help that theater professionals demand.

Modern theater designers require versatility for their stage sets; like multi-height risers, draping systems that setup quickly and allow for multiple widths and height, and theater turntables that are able to be configured and integrated towards the varying needs of all types of theatre stage designs.

Smartstage installations includes world-class entertainment facilities, major theater installations and US Army lecture rooms across the country. Each facility comes with it’s own blend of design and application requirements that we look forward to understanding and integrating solutions towards a better communicaton experience.