Special Decks

A stage deck so smart, it is the performer!

With Smartstage decks, your imagination is the limit to what you can build. Our platforms can span pools, do mega concert venues, truck loading docks, dancefloors, over rough land, walls, and bult at all different levels for cameras, seating or choirs. Your Smartstage can even move with motors and wheels if you like.



  • Can bridge obstacles
  • Our unique corner socket hold legs AND locator plates for bridging
  • Rugges “hexigrip” finish for anti-slip performance.
  • Recessed Velcro edge for clean drapery lines, no clips!
  • Outdoor show resistant
  • Understage storage
  • Can be installed un uneven terrain
  • Variable height legs
  • Baked on black finish
  • Lightweight and strong enough to hold a car
  • Heights from 3 inches to 10 feet
  • Compact and attractive while stored
  • Years and years of proven tested durability

Smartstage experts will come to your site to oversee load in and assembly of your new system, and also train your in-house team to understand the flexibility of Smartstage, and the many combinations possible. We will stay on site until the last spot is polished. Our stages are so easy to install, we know you can do it, so we also provide phone and internet assistance as required.


Smartstage stages are engineered and laboratory tested to breaking strength. All components meet and exceed building code and OSHA code requirements for all of North America and Europe. Our factory has a three stage quality control process, certifying materials on arrival, during manufacture, and sample load testing daily during production.


Smartstage stages are largely maintenance free, always inspect for damage. Clean floor and frames with mild soap and water if and as required, surfaces are durable and contain “stain guard” properties. You can also mist and rub your entire system with WD 40 to keep it looking new, and if you ever need to touch up a scratch, use semi-gloss black spray can.


Very easy to transport, ship and load. Our special touring style carts have hanging arms, just pack your ramp and place into the rack. One rack can easily carry one whole ramp as a combination of stage decks, fastfolds, and hardware or drapery. At Smartstage, we believe attention needs to be invested into your storage needs to ensure clear movement from the venue, and optimization of your storage space whether under the stage, show to show in touring trailers, or stacked high in storage rooms by forklift.


Smartstage provides a one year warranty for the entire system. Feel free to call our home office service department for inquiries on your new system.

Email: support@smartstagebuilder.com

Phone: 702 951 9585


Smartstage will accept returns on stock items, with a restocking charge, providing product remains new and not used or shows. Custom made product cannot be returned. Changes or cancellations are acceptable under similar terms to returns. If it’s a custom, we need to hold on to your deposit though to cover lost time and materials. Delays and storage. Order too early? No problem, we will help you. If your venue is not ready to accept delivery yet, we have many ways to warehouse your order for you, just let us know your situation.


Smartstage is not a bank, but we are linked in with some. We will help you in every way to fund your new Smartstage purchase, including term financing, leasebacks, and rent to buy.


Lets get started! To build you a drawing for your approval, we need to know some stuff;

  1. Stage width, depth and height you will need.
  2. Will it store in the facility or go “on the road”?
  3. If it stays home, what access exists between venue and storage?
  4. Will you need stairs, skirt, guardrail?
  5. When is delivery needed?
  6. What details do we need to know about the venue, tying in?

We will be happy to draw your room, stage and doorways with your new Smartstage system in place, which will give you a nice visual. Then we tweak the design with you, ensure in meets your budget, then move forward to build it for you. It gets assembled on site, takes a few hours, depending on size.

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Part #Smartstage DeckWeightLength (in)Width (in)Thickness (in)
DH4X8HDeck 4 x 8, black with hexigrip top14496483.2
DH4X4HDeck 4 x 4, black with hexigrip top8248483.2
DH3X8HDeck 3 x 8, black with hexigrip top8036963.2
DH3X4HDeck 3 x 4, black with hexigrip top6536483.2
DH0X0HDeck custom 32 sq ft or less0000

How It Works

When Smartstage racks roll into the venue, one person simply sets a frame on the floor, opens it up like a pair of scissors and set your leg height. Smartstage decks have this unique built in  leghold, like a clamp for holding legs. Its easy to use with a nice rubbery knob.

One leg of a fastfold frame is designed to support multiple deck corners by placement of the ergonomically friendly locator plate, for one, two or four corners. Set your decks, stairs, skirt, and you’re ready for a show.

Available Models and Sizes

They all come with black baked finish, are lightweight with all the smart features. Fastfold frames are made for 3×8 decks and 4×8 decks. We will make any size frame as a custom.

  • 4’ x 8’Deck Sizes
  • 4’ x 4’
  • 3’ x 8’
  • 3’ x 4’
  • Triangle
  • Curve
  • Custom

Technical Specifications

Stage deck is constructed of aluminum outer frame, alloy 6061 T-6, mechanically assembled at a finished size 96” x 48” x 3.2” thick. Extrusion must feature a recessed 1” groove for Velcro hook running the outer perimeter of deck. Frame is to have mechanically riveted inside of frame, running lengthwise, either one or two steel support beams (based on rating). Beam is mild steel 2” x 3” x .125” wall, powder coat black. Deck surface is constructed of standard G2S fir plywood, with PVC vinyl hot melt laminated to both sides. Laminate on top surface, 12mm, must have “anti-slip” feature, black, and withstand wear & tear of indoor & outdoor event use. Laminate on bottom is basic 4mm black. Deck must feature “dual function” corner, which allows deck to be received on locator plates of Fast-fold frames, and also accept single legs. Special corner must accept leg pipe sizes with an outside diameter range of 1.9” to 2.3” and 2” square.

Fewer Parts Required for Setup

Smartstage is a one piece rugged stage system designed for Smartstage indoors or out. No tools are required.

A unique design, requiring fewer support structures for setting up a stage, saves staging setup time, storage space, transportation costs and labor fees. It enables crew to install and change configuration easily and with flexibility

When setup of the staging riser base is complete, other dressings can easily can be applied to the stage for finishing. Skirting is easily slipped into place, with a railing simply clamped on. Smartstage riser stairs are easily added to the stage, as are ramps and other accessories.

Decks bridge each other.

There are three leg “locator plates”;

  1. Single node, for outside corners
  2. Double node, for outer edge
  3. Quad node, for stage where  three of four decks meet.